Let’s Start from the Beginning…

Here we are everyone, reading a blog about how a 21 year old gal is probably just like everyone else, but is convinced she has it bad. Now, before we get into my incredibly exaggerated series of unfortunate events, let me tell you about myself…..

Like I said, I’m a 21 year old super cool girl, who constantly has herself convinced that she’s going to make it big in this world because she makes the same 5 people laugh on twitter. I deserve some self recognition, god dammit! So be sure to stay tuned and maybe you can steal some of my jokes or just read them out loud to your friends and get no response, because if you’re reading this you probably don’t have any. As for my name…ehhh ya know I’ll leave that up to you to decided. Read a couple of my stories and I’m sure you’ll have a well deserved name picked out for me by then. Now lets get on to the blog. I’m thinking that we turn this into a “Judy Moody all grown up and has not completed any of the goals she said she would when she was nine”. Please be careful not to confuse Judy Moody, the nine year old that saved the world in her own fantasy, with Judy Blume, the author that wrote books for young girls to teach them what sex is. Come to think of it….this may be a mix of both…ew…. that means this will probably be the worst, but I’m devoted at this point. So let’s get it started. I’m here to vent, rant, complain, exaggerate little moments of my life. Basically every email that I used to send my college advisor before he blocked shortly after graduation. This is also for you! you are here to either enjoy what I say, or hate me. If you hate me then, fuck yeah! You are here for the right reasons, please tell me everything you hate, I want to know. Because everyone knows that when you hate someone you become their biggest fan, like, Tana Mongeau??? uhh yeah I can tell you how much she weighs, and how many followers she has, because I fucking hate that stupid bitch and I’m obsessed with hating her. Everything becomes more fun when you are able to obtain more reasons to hate a person. Why do you think viners are becoming the fastest growing channels on youtube, because everyone hates them! and we can’t stop hating them! We’re jealous, angry, upset, and obsessed with how much of a fucking empire they have built themselves. ┬áIt’s important to feel hate, it literally will motivate you to do so much. So let’s get over this long ass intro and get into how I became a fired bank teller….<3